You Can 
Buy or Sell
 Real Estate 
Through the
Enrich Network

You Can Buy & Sell Real Estate 
Through the 
Enrich Network

We have multiple partners in this market space. They are all Licensed by their respective real estate boards, with decades of experience. All our real estate partners have been carefully vetted and handpicked to serve our clients with excellence. You can be sure your referrals are dealing with market experts who practice with integrity.

When you Buy Real Estate with Enrich Network You Receive  Cash Back on Closing

When you Buy Real Estate with Enrich Network You Receive
Cash Back on Closing

How Does the Enrich Network
Cash Reward Program Work?

Now, let’s say you need a $500,000 mortgage or refinancing. Upon approval and closing, you would receive about $1,500* cashback!

You want to sell your home through Enrich Network. You’ve agreed a price of $850,000 with your purchaser. You would receive about $2,550* cashback on closing!

Let’s say you decide to buy a home through Enrich Network. You’ve found your dream home and agreed on a price of $1,000,000. As soon as the transaction is closed
you would receive about $3,000* cashback!

Disclaimer. • The numbers shown are for illustration purposes only and cash back amounts are subject to negotiated terms between Enrich Network and its real estate and mortgage partners.

Flexibility is key

We know you understand what it takes to juggle work, family, and extracurricular activities. It’s a trick that demands the full attention of even the best of us. That is why flexibility is embedded into the Enrich Network business model. Both you and your referral will greatly benefit from our real estate partners’ deep commitment to accommodate so that the buying or selling experience is smooth and seamless. So, relax. We’ve got your back!

It’s All About Peace of Mind

Today’s home buyers are savvier than in previous times, all thanks to technology and the easy availability of information. However, the very same reason that makes today’s home buyers savvy, can also make them confused because they must sift through so much information to find what they want. Our success has been in large part due to the fact we make the process very easy for home buyers/sellers.

Market Research

The availability of information (lots of it), makes it hard for non-professionals to sift through to find what is true and what is right for them. Together with our real estate partners, we sift through loads of market data so that you and the client don’t have to. Our research includes market trends, local municipality plans for neighborhoods, right down to the reputations of the builders we represent, so that both you and the client can move forward with confidence.