Greetings Enrich Family,

Late in 2019 when we decided to roll out the Enrich Network, it was fundamentally to meet a need we had encountered once too often – well meaning people, mostly professed Christians, were struggling financially. As we travelled across the world to speak and teach at conferences, invariably people would ask us to pray for them in the area of their finances, once they learned that we were the Founders of a multi-million dollar business. At first it felt like a privilege to partner in prayer with these folks, but after a while it became a frustration. Not because they asked for prayers, but because we realized that many of these people had never been taught how to make money from a Kingdom perspective.

Leveraging the success of two of our other companies, Enrich Data Response Inc. and Enrich Building Solutions, we envisioned a platform that would help everyday people become global entrepreneurs. To have the option and the tools to make significant income on a part time basis, while maintaining their current employment. The platform had to be easy to use and anyone, regardless of level of education or professional background, had to be able to tap into its fullest potential. We further conceptualized a platform that is was intelligent, globally scalable, and structurally flexible to facilitate the leveraging of local and global economic and technological trends.

To make it all work, we tapped into our strength in the pre-engineered steel building arena where we have over a decade of success, with an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients including all levels of government. This business segment would allow our Agent-Developers to come from any socio-economic or professional background and be able to develop projects of any size anywhere in the world after just one day of training!

Then we looked at industries related to our existing specialty within the real estate niche.

Traditional real estate and mortgages are centuries old industries that are both undergoing massive changes fostered largely by technology. We saw an opportunity to disrupt these two global multi-trillion dollar industries that impact the lives of most of the world’s population, and we dug in. In a matter of months, we started facilitating more transactions than many traditional industry veterans, and we were on our way. We had been blessed with a Divine Strategy for such a time as this!

Our Divine Call is to democratize wealth creation, not just income earning. We envision a Global Christian Network that is creating wealth ethically and courageously. A Network that can leave a financial legacy that will be a blessing for many generations; even while feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and caring for the disadvantaged.

We are humbled to lead the charge. Will you join us and change your financial reality and that of your family? Prayers are great. However, it is what we do after we pray that determines whether we expect God to answer our prayers or not.

Grace and Peace,
Naomi and Sam