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Receive Enrich Cash Rewards on Closing!

All our real estate and mortgage partners have been carefully vetted and handpicked to serve our clients with excellence. You can be sure you will be dealing with market experts who practice with integrity.

By leveraging our unique “Triple-Win-Advantage” everyone benefits and YOU receive cash rewards on closing.

Introducing The
Enrich Network Cash Reward

How Does the Enrich Network
Cash Reward Program Work?

Let’s say you decide to buy a home through Enrich Network. You’ve found your dream home and agreed on a price of $1,000,000. As soon as the transaction is closed you would receive about $3,000* cashback!

You want to sell your home through Enrich Network. You’ve agreed a price of $850,000 with your purchaser. You would receive about $2,550* cashback on closing!

Now, let’s say you need a $500,000 mortgage or refinancing. Upon approval and closing, you would receive about $1,500* cashback!

All of the above can be done as stand-alone (e.g., if you only want to buy a home and don’t need any other service), or any combination.

Using these examples, if you sold a home and bought another one, you would receive about $5,550* cash back on closing. If you included the mortgage, that would give you an additional $1,500*, bringing your total cash back to $7,050* 

What you do with this cashback is up to you. You can use it towards your closing costs, buy a new appliance or piece of furniture, or invest it. It’s your money!

Disclaimer. • The numbers shown are for illustration purposes only and cash back amounts are subject to negotiated terms between Enrich Network and its real estate and mortgage partners.